Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Part of My Day

The most favorite part of my day....hearing my two favorite people telling me "I love you Mom." This melts my heart every time, especially if I haven't seen them and am talking to them on the phone. I love hearing those words from those two. Makes my day shine a little bit brighter and my step a little bit lighter!! Love you two!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis the Season

I love this time of year!! Sitting here typing this, I am getting more and more anxious about Christmas. I'm ready for the kids to open presents and see what they got from Santa!!

However, I was ready to throw it all out the window last night. The kids came home wound up. I'm not meaning wound up, laughing giggling, wound up. I mean wound up wrestlin' moves wound up!! Ella was literally hanging off of her brother's neck. Tanner didn't do much to help keep his sister off though! About every 5 minutes I was telling Tanner to sit down and leave Ella alone or telling Ella to quit screaming at her brother or quit dropping her elbow into him as she was falling on top of him!! This is how I know Christmas is just around the corner, the kids start doing wilder things just to see if Santa is truly watching and just to see how much they can get away with. About the time I finally get them settled down, the tree starts crashing down!! So, as everyone is running to save the tree, the kids start hanging on each other and jumping on top of one another. I'm holding the tree, dad is trying to see where the base is broken and mom is trying to pull all 50 million presents from under the tree so they don't get crushed. Mom had to pull out her Christmas tree and assemble it while I'm holding the broken one. Then one by one we move the ornaments from the broken tree to the not broken tree. Ella realizes that we don't have lights on the not broken tree and has a complete melt down. I told her to get over it and help move ornaments (I know,I'm a terrible mother!!) Anyway, about an hour later, we got everything put back together and the broken tree to the dumpster. The kids finally went to bed around 10, but Ella didn't stay there long! Oh what a night!! I've got to come up with some ideas for the kids over the next two weeks.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! May you find peace, joy and love this holiday season!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I LOVE MY TALKS WITH TANNER!! I cannot say that enough. I have been meaning to post this and haven't had a chance. It seems like there has been a lot going on and I haven't had time, but I am making time to put this down.

A couple of nights ago, maybe Sunday night, I was folding clothes and Tanner was laying on the bed while I was folding. He looks up to me and says "Mom, will you let me do my deal that I talked about earlier this summer?" My mind starts racing and this is where I'm thinking what did I say he could do? Oh no, what is it? Think fast, he's waiting for an answer. I say "What deal exactly are your talking about?" He says, you know my food stand. We are going to split the money at the end of the day three ways. I asked him where he was planning on putting his food stand? He said "Outside, of course!" I'm thinking no doubt outside but exactly where outside? He then clarifies and says that he wants to put it on that empty parking lot behind my parents house. He says that night time would be a good time to do his dine out stand, since it is too hot during the day! He says it is a good way for him to make money and save it for his trip to Disney World. I agree and tell him we will have to talk more about it. He wants to advertise and start small and as he gets bigger add more things. He said he needed a loan to get started and maybe talk to the editor of the newspaper to find out about advertising prices ;) So if you see advertisement for a DINE OUT cafe, it's probably Tanner and his friends.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Funny

I had to post this about the kids, it is a quick funny story about a brother and his little sister.

Last night, Tanner was trying hard to concentrate on writing a story for his ready writing practice. Ella, who LOVES to pester her brother, was running off at the mouth. He would ask her to hush so he could concentrate. I would take Ella out of the room to read a book and she would "go put the book up" via telling her brother what he needed to write and I would have to go retrieve her so she would leave Tanner alone. Finally Tanner put his pencil down and started talking and playing with her. Ella went and got two of her many play cell phones so her and Tanner could talk on them. Tanner with his quick wit, flipped one of the cell phones open and says "Hello Santa. Yes, this is Tanner. Oh yes Santa you know I have been good, but my sister..." Ella immediately tries to take the phone from him and tells him to close it so he can't tell Santa that his sister has been pestering him. I was laughing so hard, because she was so quick to tell her brother to close that phone and give it to her. Tanner started laughing and told her that if she wasn't nice Santa wouldn't come see her. Ella's reply "I'm always nice to Santa."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ok, I have to brag on 5 amazing kids!! They did an amazing job tonight and it's wonderful to see what these kids are doing!

Let me back up some. Tonight, 5 kids from Mrs. Long's third grade class did a computer project about planets and were able to do a presentation for the school board tonight. There were four boys and a girl who were all very nervous but very well prepared to demonstrate their power point presentation about planets. The kids were given resources to find out 9 facts about their planet. Each one of the kids knew more about their planet than I could have ever known in my lifetime. I was amazed at the information they had and impressed with how they presented the information. I feel that my kids are very lucky to be in a school system where the administration is willing to help our kids. Our educators are willing to help our kids. And our kids are willing, ready and able to take on new tasks with a little guidance. My hat is off to you all who are preparing my kids with as much knowledge, guidance and support to be the best they can be.

(By the way~don't tell Tanner I was bragging tonight....he gets embarrased and told me earlier they were just doing their project and having fun.)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best Conversation

Last night after the kids and I said our prayers, well actually Tanner and I (Ella likes to pretend she can't!), we laid in bed and talked for a minute. I love laying in bed talking to the kids. You never know what really to expect from Ella and with Tanner, it is usually what ever is on his mind. For us, this is the best time to talk.
Tanner is ever so thoughtful and wants to know what to get everyone for Christmas. We have had this conversation before and he wants to buy something for everyone. Then he asks when my birthday is and what I want for my birthday. I tell him I just want him and his sister to make me a card and that is all I need. He says, "Oh come on mom, everyone wants to get a present for their birthday to unwrap." I told him that I unwrap the best present every morning when I wake him and his sister up to get ready for the day. He is very adamant that he and his sister get me something. I told him we would worry about that another day. Today is not that day. Then we start talking about how he has been good all year and Ella decides to chime in. She has finally figured it out that when she is good all year, Santa will come see her. He says that he has ideas for everyone that he has on his list. I said on your list? He said yea. Tanner started telling me what he is going to get for his dad, his sister, his friends, his teacher, his grandparents, his cousins, and even the cat!! He said, "You know mom, I really like giving gifts to people to see how happy they are!" Ella then told me she had a list and it sounded like everyone on her list was going to get some lick stick for Christmas!! Tanner also said that one day he will cook the meal at Christmas when his restaurant is big enough to hold everyone!! I'm wondering how big his restaurant will be and how many people he is inviting? Knowing him, he will feed the whole town and never bat an eye!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


It seems like last week flew by. The kids have been busy. Tanner loves playing flag football, loves being the center, and is trying so hard to be the best he can! He is not only playing flag football, but has started practicing for UIL. He is hoping for two more first place wins like last year. Tanner made the story telling team and creative writing team. He has a great imagination and has such a great memory, I think he will do well.

Ella had a pretty busy week too. She was super excited to be able to ride the firetruck!! Well, that is until Fire Pup showed up. They were all sitting around and listening to the fire fighters tell them what to do and watching Ms. Angie demonstrate what to do. Then it was time to go get on the firetruck. Ella came running to me and would not let me put her down. She was not getting on that truck without me. That is ok and I gladly rode with her while she had a death grip on me.

Yesterday, we rested and carved pumpkins. I cut the top off of Ella's and gave her a spoon to dig the guts out. Yea, she stuck the spoon in and said "Mom I'm trying so hard, they just aren't coming out." I got Tanner's top off and was showing Ella what to do. She tries one time and says "It's disgusting" That was the last I saw of her until the pumpkins were finished. She decided gut digging was not fun! I remember it being fun, but what do I know. Tanner dug most of his guts out. He flung pumpkin seeds all over the kitchen and last night, I was still finding seeds!! This morning, Ella decided she wanted to carve the little pumpkins and she would dig the guts out!! Oh sweet girl!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Many Hats of....

Tanner!! He has now taken up a new interest. Tanner says that he is going to still keep his restaurant stand but he is going to take on a new venture as well. He is going to write a book and illustrate it and then get me to make copies for his book and sell it at his restaurant stand!!!

This all came about yesterday after school after he finished his homework. He made a book a few years ago about dinosaurs and now since he is older and wiser (his words) he is going to write a better book about dragons. He has started his research and is now beginning his writings. He drew the cover for his book at mom's after he finished his homework and when we got home, he started his writing. He finished page one and page two. Today he will start on page three and four. He told me that he can write a book better than others because he knows so much about dragons. Tanner likes doing so many things. He loves to cook, loves to draw and loves to write. His imagination is incredible. I hope that we give him enough encouragment to do what he wants to do. He still hasn't ruled out being an archeologist yet either!! Who knows what he will be, but I know he will be the best at what he does!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Breaking Out the Padlocks and Deadbolts

Ugh! What is a mother to do? I think I am about to go insane. My wonderful, lovely, beautiful daughter, has decided that when we get home in the afternoon that she must change clothes. Not only just the clothes, but panties too! (I guess though you never know when an emergency is going to happen and it is always best to have on clean undergarments?!) She not only changes clothes once, but three or four times, before bath time and then sometimes after she gets her jammies on, she will even change those!! She thinks it is so much fun to change clothes and put them on by herself. She loves being independent, but my laundry piles have doubled in size just because I don't know what is clean and what is dirty!! I don't know if she had that mismatched outfit on for two seconds or two hours and how many times she has been in and out of the house with that outfit on. I caught her just a few days ago, after she had put on another outfit, admiring herself in the mirror. She has a full length mirror in her room and is already making sure she looks good!! Oh boy am I in trouble!!

Ella is bright and very smart. She has figured out how to reach things that I have purposely placed out of her reach. I have all of her clothes hanging in her closet. Since she has decided to change clothes so often, she figured out that she can turn the laundry basket upside down and stand on top of it to reach whatever outfit she so desires. I am seriously considering putting all of her clothes in my closet just so she can't find them!! It's either do that, or put a deadbolt or padlock on her closet and chest of drawers!! So, if you see us out and she is mismatched or a shirt on wrong side out or pants on backwards, know that I lost that battle on what I originally put on her!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Soon to Be Chef

After work today I went to pick up Tanner from my mom's house. As we were leaving he was telling me about his plan that he and two of his friends have come up with. Interesting and intriguing to say the least. As we were talking about it, I realized the three of them have thought it out well. I laughed to myself in amazement at the details that the three of these third graders have come up with. Tanner, Caleb, and Grayson have come up with a great idea to open a restaurant. Instead of a big restaurant, it will be a small stand until they can afford to buy some tables and chairs. As they make more money they will get a bigger place. There will be themed meals and if serving at night they will have flashlights instead of candles. They will take turns taking money, being the chef and the idea maker. They have decided that the first time they serve food it will be a rainforest theme. They will start off with a simple menu at first and then add more specialized foods. They will serve mashed potato sandwiches, potato salad sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches. Their prices are going to be $3.59 per meal. Extras will be $.10, extras include cutting the crust off the bread, extra cheese, extra mayonaise, or extra potatoes. He asked if one night for his themed dinner if he could borrow my bread recipe. I told him he could. He knows what ingredients go in the spread for the bread and does a fabulous job making it himself. He knows I don't measure any of it and what it tastes like and can make it just like mine. Tanner said that in a few years, he figures they will have a franchise.
As I am sitting here typing this, I still sit in amazement as to what these three boys have thought up. They have an idea, a plan and the steps to take to get to where they want to be. I am also sitting in amazement as to why three boys at the age of 8 are planning on opening up a restaurant.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Today I was reminded more than once how truly blessed I am. I am blessed with my two wonderful kids. I am blessed that I have a roof over my head. I am blessed by the food that is in my pantry. I am blessed with two wonderful, loving parents. I am loved beyond belief. Today, I thanked God for all of this and more. Because I realized today that some people don't have what I have been given. Even people whom I love dearly and whom are in my family.

You see, I have a cousin who is the youngest of three in her family. She is the only girl and was never wanted. I cannot imagine having the feeling and knowing that I was not wanted. The words were never said to me from a young age, but I knew that she was never wanted by the actions of her parents. My parents, have some of the biggest hearts. Every summer I remember my cousin coming and staying the entire summer with us. She would come as soon as school was out and never had clothes. My mom would go buy or make whatever she needed just as she did for my sister and I. When we went on summer vacation, she would go with us. My parents treated her as their daughter.

She has recently gone through some very difficult times. She has lived with her mom for the past two years and has lived out of her suitcase during that time. Her mom has not once moved clothes out of a closet or cleaned out a dresser drawer for her to temporarily put her belongings. Today, she and my mom talked. My cousin has no idea what to do. I talked to her for a while as well. She asked me point blank what she needed to do. To tell her what to do. I told her what my parents have taught me and still teach me. Do what is best for you and the rest will follow. She asked me what would I do in her situation. I told her that I would find some place where I had all the love and support I needed to put my life back together. Some place where I felt safe, some place that I knew would help me heal. She laughed and said, "Where? Home?" She and I both know she meant with my parents. They have been there for her when no one else is or has been. They have been her rock when her parents, her brothers, her uncles and grandparents weren't.

I can only hope to be half as good as my parents are. They have taught me so much about life. They are the best example I have and I hope that one day I will make them proud.

Monday, August 10, 2009


When my children are good, they are oh so sweet!! I wouldn't give them up for the world. When my children are bad, I just want to reach over and smack them! Tanner just turned 8 and loves to pick on his sister. Ella just turned 3 and LOVES to do ANYTHING to get her brother in trouble. (She has a halo, but it is ALWAYS tilted!)Since I have Fridays off, the kids and I usually sleep late, get something to eat, just chill until we have to get dressed. This Friday, their Nesey was in town and they were up at 7 ready to go! Get them dressed and out the door to breakfast with Nesey. That afternoon I decided to go to Wal-Mart. Usually Tanner is pretty laid back and Ella, well, she gets put in the basket and tied down, hands and all. If she isn't, I buy things I had no idea I was buying until I check out. For some strange reason, I didn't put her in the basket. Instead, I let her help me push the basket. I had to go to the vacuum cleaner aisle to look for a filter. As I am standing there, Ella decides to ram her brother with the basket. Not once, but twice....the second time trying to chase him down the aisle. The first time I told her to stop in my mother tone, but she laughed and chased him down!! Ok, forget what I was after, the sooner I get out the better and safer my kids will be. On the way to the food aisles, via the toy aisles, Ella forgets about trying to run over Tanner. We are happy and loving on each other again and picking out what all they want for Christmas (I need to win the lottery!!) So I go down the laundry aisle first, guess who didn't forget they got ran over with the basket. Yep, Tanner tried to mow his sister down with the basket! I get on to him and he immediately quits and starts defending himself...."But mom, she ran over me first and then chased me." What do I do now? I put Ella in the basket and Tanner in front of the basket...guess who decides to climb out of the seat and into the back of the basket so she can hit her brother!! UGH!! I was so frustrated that I forgot half of everything on the list. New rule...NO KIDS ARE ALLOWED TO GO TO WAL-MART WITH ME. EVER! At least not together!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moments Like These

It is moments when you least expect it that you catch yourself falling in love with those moments. Last night was no exception. My little angel, who has suddenly started acting like she is so independent and like she is 21 years-old during the day, melts my heart at bed time. Last night she climbed into bed with me and laid her head on my chest like she used to when she was such a tiny baby. As a tiny baby I used to lay there holding her and be able to touch her feet and all of her tiny toes and imagined what she would sound like when she talked, what she would become one day, what she would look like. Last night, I imagined the same thing, even though I could not reach her feet or her toes. She made me melt all over again. After many battles with her throughout the day, these are moments that I cannot and will not take back. She is as stubborn and sassy as the day is long. She is VERY opionated, and I wonder where she gets that? I do know that she will be great at whatever she does, because of her stubborness and her opinions and her sass. I know she will be beautiful to me. She is one of my precious gifts.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pink Wallets and Dresses

After work, I went to pick up my sweet little girl. We get home and she is wanting to know where her daddy is. I tell her I don't know, but he would be home soon. Since yesterday was such a warm day, we decided we would wait outside until he gets home. As soon as he pulls around the corner, she asks her daddy to take her for a ride. He convinces her that we need to wait for her brother to get home and then we would go for a drive. Ella is all about going for a ride to see the ducks, the horses, the cats, the dogs, the goats, the donkey. It is amazing what animals we have in town, and my daughter knows where they all live!! Anyway, Tanner gets home and Ryan says, let's go to Wal-Mart. Tanner runs inside to get his wallet. Ella looks at me and asks "Where is my pink wallet?" Hmm, didn't know you were suppose to have one. So, at Wal-Mart we buy her one. She picks out the one she wants. She first picked out one with hearts, then one with cupcakes, then the heart one again only to wind up with a pink camo one. We then go to find Ryan another white shirt and Tanner is itching to spend his money. We go to the video games and he gets a new video game. He is quickly becoming the video gamer. (Scary thought for me!) We leave and head home for the night.

This morning, she woke very early, not to mention for about an hour last night. We were all ready except for Ella. Ryan and I put off getting her dressed for as long as possible. For one, she never wants to take her night dress off and put clothes on. For another, she never wants to wear what we pick out. If it is a dress, sometimes that is ok, but she would rather pick out her own dress. This morning was no different. Ryan goes in to change her clothes and her first words "No daddy, I don't want to take my dress off." He finally convinces her to take it off as he is pulling it off. As we are heading out the door, she has to take her pink wallet with her. In the car on the way over to Nesey and Pop's she asks where her money is and if I would give her some to put in her wallet. I gave her some change out of my car and she thanked me so much for her money. It was so sweet, because she was excited and had money in her wallet ready to take on the day!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I cannot believe that I made it through yesterday. I knew it was going to be a busy day, but I was completely blown away by what transpired yesterday. If anyone drove by the courthouse here in town, you probably noticed the numerous cars parked around. I have never seen so many people in the courtroom here in Childress. I actually felt like we were in Carson County, where we have 60 or so defendant's every time we go to court. We had a visiting judge, who I think is good, and a lot of old cases were cleaned off the docket. Ones that have not had anything done with in a year or so. Pretty amazing what happens when things get rolling. Anyway, from the time I got to work yesterday until 6pm last night, I don't know that I sat down for more than 20 minutes. People were sent to prison, some were put on probation and some cases were dismissed. But all in all, a very busy day. I do have to say thank you to Stephanie. If you remember back in January, I was not ready to get back in the swing of things and was wanting to be in better shape to go up and down the stairs at the courthouse. Well, if it were not for Stephanie and the treadmill, that I have come to being used to, or those weights, I would not have made it up and down as many times as I did. I may have, but I would have been dead LONG before I was ever finished. Thank you Stephanie for getting me motivated!! I do have to say though, I was sore last night and this morning from climbing the stairs in heels. I don't recommend that often!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It happened!!

My day got worse yesterday and then better. We had our new electric water heater installed yesterday and 2 hours later, my bathroom was flooded! Yep! Flooded.
Ryan and I had something we had to go to, and I knew we would not have enough hot water to take a shower by the time I needed to take a shower. Ryan took the kids to his moms and I went to my moms to shower. I get home and I hear water pouring out somewhere. I look to the kitchen sink. The water is not running. I immediately head to the bathroom and as I round the corner I see water coming into the hall way and the noisy is much louder. One of the connections blew loose and needless to say was spraying water all over my bathroom. I call mom and tell her to get dad over to my house now. That water is spraying out of the top of the old hot water heater. I run outside to see if I can find the thing to turn off the water meter. Ryan pulls up at that time and I frantically tell him to help me find the thing to turn off the water meter. He is looking at me like I'm crazy and I tell him that water is spraying all over the bathroom. Keep in mind, we have to be somewhere in less than an hour. Dad comes in and Ryan is outside turning off the meter. Finally we get the water turned off and I start the process of cleaning up the water. All of it. My dad is fixing the connection and I am wiping down the walls in the bathroom.
I guess I could look at it this way. My bathroom is clean and so is my hall!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad Day

I'm not going to say that today is not going to get any worse. And if it does, I'm going to bed and not emerging until I HAVE to. I guess it started at about 2:15 this morning. I heard the train sirens thinking why in the world are they so loud and what is going on? Well, I soon found out. THE WIND!! As I am lying in bed, I'm thinking, this is good, less roof for me to have to tear off next weekend. Sweet....Then another thought hits....OH MY, the trees! I hope they didn't die from the tornado last year. I hope they don't fall on my roof. I hope they don't fall on my neighbors roof!! Finally go back to sleep somewhere around 3:30ish. I couldn't get the trees off my mind. 6:30 rolls around. My son is up.
Tanner:"Mom what are you doing?"
Me:(barely awake):"Trying to sleep"
Tanner: "Mom, where's dad?"
Me:(wondering why he cares):"In your bed asleep."
Tanner: "Mom, can I watch TV?"
Me:(Becoming annoyed):"I don't care."
Tanner:"Mom, can I watch tv in here?"
Before I get to answer,he runs out of my bedroom to go to the bathroom. On his rush out of my room, he wakes Ella up, who was sleeping in the living room. ( I know, I'm a bad mom. I left her asleep where she fell asleep!) So now, both kids are awake and wanting to watch tv. I tell Tanner, to go turn the tv on in the living room and watch cartoons with his sister, so I can get 10 more minutes. He happily obliged only to have Ella come back into my room 5 minutes later declaring she needs to watch Mickey Mouse. We get up and start getting ready to go to the Bakery, our Saturday morning routine. Ryan went outside to check out the wind damage, and found we had a gas leak in our back yard. So we called the gas company and they said they would send someone over to check it out. So, Ryan had to stay behind to wait for the gas company and the rest of us headed to the bakery. Get to the bakery, enjoy our breakfast and come home. Being the good wife I am, I brought Ryan a cup of coffee back. Still no Gas Guy. He showed up and shut our gas off. Thank goodness a year and a half ago we switched out our gas furnace for an electrical one. Or we would have been without heat today!!
I call the one person I knew to call. He worked with my dad at Villyards. I asked him what to do and he said he would come by and check it out. He did, said that should work and to call them back to have them turn the gas back on. Too easy right? Right. The Gas Guy comes back and says, I can't turn your gas back on because you still have a small leak. A small leak? Are you kidding me? Does he not know I have laundry piled high, floors that need to be mopped and a house that needs to be scrubbed? Ok. Call the Fixer Guy and my dad back. Both agree, it would be cheaper to take out the gas hot water heater and install an electrical one, than it would be to locate the gas line, dig up the yard, replace the gas line, get city permits and inspections, just for gas for a hot water heater. So, new water heater. That means I will not be able to wash clothes, mop the floors, or scrub my house this weekend. We will be going else where to take a shower.
Got that part settled. Things can settle down right? Oh no! Ella starts pitching a fit. She can't find her dad, she can't find her bird, she can't put her birdhouse together! Oh the drama! Finally get her down for a nap. Ok. This is good. Ella wakes up from her nap and wants some juice. Go to the kitchen to get her juice. Pour some in her cup and set the juice back in the fridge. One problem. I didn't get the lid on good, and when I set the bottle down it turned over and nearly a third of the bottle of juice wound up poured into my fridge. Take Ella her juice and go back. I have to pull the veggie drawer out. Clean the glass good and the drawer. Look into the next one. Yep. Had to clean it too. Get it cleaned out and the glass above that drawer cleaned. Kept looking down. Yep. Bottom of the fridge found the rest of the juice. So, needless to say, my fridge is clean (just don't look at my shelves!).
I hope everyone else is having a better day than I am having. Like I said, I'm not going to say it can't get any worse, because I'm sure it will. Just know if you don't see me for a few days, I'm in bed hoping nothing else goes wrong!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weird Cravings

Last night I had this weird craving. I wanted to eat some cucumber slices and pico de gallo. I have no idea why, but last night that sounded so good to me. Ryan and I have been trying to do better with our eating habits and sitting down to eat a meal with the kids. Anyone who has known me since I was a kid, knows I was never a big vegetable eater. About the only vegetables I would eat were, green beans, corn, corn on the cob, black eyed peas, fried squash and fresh tomatoes, ones right from the vine in our backyard. My mom always made me try three bites of everything every time we sat down to eat. I HATED asparagus, spinach, red beans, cucumbers, celery, just about any other vegetable you can think of. Now that I am older and a mom, I make my kids do the same thing. Tanner will get so mad at me and take as small as bites as he possibly can to say he ate three bites. I don't know if my taste buds have changed, but now I will eat cucumbers, fried or roasted asparagus, spinach that is fresh in my salad, peas, zuchini, egg plant, brocolli, and red beans. I just find it so weird at what I will eat and try now that I am growing up! (I won't same that I'm grown, because you are only as young as you want to be!) Does anyone else crave things like that? Am I weird? (Ryan, no response!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Precious Moments

There are times when my children are so sweet and loving to each other and then there are times when they could kill one another. I know it is the whole sibling thing, that is what they are suppose to do, but jeez, I feel like I'm on a roller coaster most nights.

Ella has been funny voicing her opinions lately. Saturday night, she decided she wanted to sleep in Tanner's bed. Usually, I can talk her out of it and she will go to sleep with me rocking her in the recliner and then put to bed. Saturday, was a whole different story. She wanted to sleep with her brother and there was no way around it. I asked Tanner if it would be alright for his sister to sleep with him. He reluctantly agreed. So we said "Amen" and kissed both kids goodnight. My arms felt empty for the first time in a long time. I have always put Ella to bed at night and after two years it was kind of hard, but nice. 30 minutes later I go in to Tanner's room to see if they are asleep. No, Ella won't hush. I guess she is so excited that she gets to sleep with her brother that she hasn't gotten still or quiet to go to bed. I have to tell her to get quiet and go to sleep. "K Mom" Go back in 30 minutes later and they are both sound asleep. I noticed Tanner holding her hand. That made my heart melt. Next morning we get up and as I'm fixing breakfast I asked Tanner how sleeping with his sister went. "Fine", his standard reply to EVERYTHING. No elaboration just "Fine." I asked if she finally got still and he said "Yea. But I had to hold her hand before she would go to sleep." I told him he was an awesome brother for letting his little sister sleep with him. So, now, she starts off in Tanner's bed, but quickly winds up in my lap to be rocked to sleep. That time by far is my favorite time of day.

As I was typing that, I was trying to think back on my childhood memories wondering if I ever slept with my sister. I can honestly say I didn't. But that didn't mean my sister didn't torment me or we didn't have fun when I was little. One of my favorite memories is the first Christmas she came home from college. We moved to Clarendon the summer before she went to college, so having her home was a big thing for me. I had my sister back. For me, moving that time without her being there was hard. She was the one who I had moved with lots of times and we shared our experiences together. Anyway, the first night home, she and I laughed and stayed up late. We were mostly laughing because as a Sophomore in high school, I was balancing her checkbook. That night, I guess it was around 3AM, my mom comes in the kitchen and tells us to get quiet and go to sleep. We were both in our own beds, in our own rooms laughing and talking and keeping mom and dad awake. We started giggling histerically because we had heard mom say many many times, "Girls, get quiet and go to sleep" I remember going to bed that night realizing how much my sister meant to me and what having her home meant. I hope that one day my kids will be able to have memories similar to that.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Gosh, today I downloaded pics off my camera and didn't realize I had pics on there from New Year's Eve. Some were sweet. Especially the ones where Tanner is playing with Ella. They both love to help me cook and they both love to pretend to cook.

Ella thinks anytime I am in the kitchen, she has to have a chair and help me cook. So she starts hollering at her dad to get her a chair so she can help momma. Sometimes the help is wonderful, other times, well, let's just say, it's a good thing I have patience.
Then there are other pics where I realize what a great big brother Tanner can be. He let's her do just about anything to him without complaint. She loves to wrestle, kick, and be one of the boys, but only on her terms. She also loves to be a girly girl and fix hair. Tanner let's her. He will probably be the boy who will have painted fingernails because his sister wants to paint them!

Then the ones I love the night. I ordered a feather down pad for mine and Ryan's bed and got another one cheaper, but I thought, what a great thing to lay on in the floor to watch movies!! They loved it and even wanted to sleep in the living room that night.

I promised myself I would be better this year about downloading pics and getting them developed. So, that is my goal. At least once a month, order pics to stay caught up on my albums and scrapbooks! No scoffing Ryan!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Following Directions

Can you believe I got in trouble for not following directions? Me either! Last night, we decided to fix meatloaf for supper. Tanner loves meatloaf and was so excited. So I find this recipe in Better Homes and Gardens for mini loaves. It said divide the meat into four equal sections. So, I did and since they are mini meat loaves, I shaped them into mini loaves. Well, directions said, to form a 2 inch oval patty, (evidently, I didn't see that part) and bake for 15 minutes. I knew that it would take longer than 15 minutes. But thought, what the heck, here we go. Put it in the oven, baked for 20 minutes, checked and no where close to done. So we put them back in and after another 20 minutes, pull them back out, still not done. I then take a spatula and flattened them and throw them back in the oven for another 20 minutes. Perfect. It wasn't dry, great flavor, and Tanner did not eat it! He likes his Nesey's meatloaf better! So much for trying to make meatloaf. Ryan and I decided that we would fix it again, only not make mini loaves, just dump it in and bake it for an hour.
After supper, I went to the gym and came home to fix my bed. I ordered a feather-down mattress pad for our bed. It came in yesterday, and let me tell you, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my bed now. It is so soft and warm. So nice to wake up without my back hurting. I bet now that my back isn't hurting, that Ryan's will be. He said he didn't like our old bed, but I find him quit frequently in Tanner's bed sleeping nicely. He says it's because Tanner let's him play with his hair, I think he still likes that bed!!
Ryan put a picture on his blog that said he probably said something he shouldn't have. Well, I don't remember what was said, but he wasn't in trouble, but I wanted to show you a couple of other pics James took. We are so fortunate to have someone who takes such great pictures of us. I doubt we would be able to get this in a studio.

This picture I am going to blow up and have it in black and white and frame it in a black frame, I think. Haven't decided on the frame, but I really like the picture.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My knives needing sharpening

Oh my goodness!! Last night I started preparing the meat that I was fixing for fajitas. I like to trim a lot of the fat off, just because I don't like it. I'm telling you, I went through three knives to just trim the meat, then I went through another two hoping that one of them would be sharp just so I could slice the meat to get it in a pan. After 45 minutes, my arms were tired and I was frustrated since I didn't have a single sharp knife in my arsonal. Ugh!! You would think out of all the knives we have that somewhere, I would have a sharp one!! So Steph, I know I skipped on my arms yesterday morning, but I made it up last night!! I think that is karma coming back to bite me! So, if your arms are needing a good workout, I recommend trimming meat with DULL knives, it will do the job.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Magic bean Stalk

I just got home and since we are now wearing big girl panties, I went in and told Ella to use the potty. She sat down and said, "Mom, yeave me ayone and cose the door." Ok, I can respect a girls privacy. I step out to go check the mail. Open the mail and put my bills up and throw away the trash. Two minutes maybe. Go back to the bathroom just as Ella is saying "Mom, I need you." I walk in and find my daughter with her panties around her ankles, the bath mat in her hands with poop on it and a puzzled look on Ella's face. (She has a little potty that she sits on.) Anyway, I ask "Ella, honey, what are you doing?" She said "Mom, I was just tryin to make magic bean stalk grow" It took me a while, but finally realized she was going to use her poop to get magic beans for the bean stalk to grow. Yeah, she has watched the Mickey Mouse version of Jack and the Bean Stalk. I have no idea why she thought that a magic bean stalk would grow from poop!!

Back to a routine

It amazes me that it is so hard to get back into a routine after being gone away from it for a few days. Over the holidays, we had so much candy and food that at any point in time during the day, I always found myself heading over to the candy bowl or walking by a grabbing some sort of snack. Then we stayed up late a few nights or slept a little later a few mornings. We lounged in pj's most days. Those were nice times and days.
Now, we are back to reality and it is slapping me in the face. Wait, maybe that is Ryan slapping me in the face so I will quit slapping the snooze button. I don't know, but this morning I found myself standing in the shower with my eyes closed leaning against the shower wall wishing I was still in bed. We have been back at work for almost a week and I can't seem to get it together. I find myself looking for snacks or candy to eat and not really wanting to work. The kids are not ready to go to bed at their normal time, but when we have to get up early, they are slow and groggy.
We haven't made it back to our full routine, as Sunday and Monday, were spent with friends. Tuesday and last night were partially spent at the hospital. Ella and I stayed home yesterday morning since she was running fever. Nothing serious, just a little sore throat. Hopefully, next week, I will be able to get with it. I have been trying to get back to eating better, no snacking, not much candy. Start walking/running so I won't be so out of breath by the time I get to the top of the stairs at the courthouse. Getting the kids in bed on time, the house cleaned and laundry caught back up. Being on vacation was so much easier, but that is not reality. I hope everyone else is having an easier time!!