Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moments Like These

It is moments when you least expect it that you catch yourself falling in love with those moments. Last night was no exception. My little angel, who has suddenly started acting like she is so independent and like she is 21 years-old during the day, melts my heart at bed time. Last night she climbed into bed with me and laid her head on my chest like she used to when she was such a tiny baby. As a tiny baby I used to lay there holding her and be able to touch her feet and all of her tiny toes and imagined what she would sound like when she talked, what she would become one day, what she would look like. Last night, I imagined the same thing, even though I could not reach her feet or her toes. She made me melt all over again. After many battles with her throughout the day, these are moments that I cannot and will not take back. She is as stubborn and sassy as the day is long. She is VERY opionated, and I wonder where she gets that? I do know that she will be great at whatever she does, because of her stubborness and her opinions and her sass. I know she will be beautiful to me. She is one of my precious gifts.