Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Polka Dots

I feel like I am seeing spots!! With all the changes going on right now, I decided that part of the changes that we were going to make would be the kids decision. I asked them if they wanted their rooms painted. Of course they did!! I asked them what colors. Ella informed me her room would be pink and purple. Tanner said he would be happy with one blue wall. I'm thinking an entire room bright pink and purple, there has to be an alternative. One blue wall I can live with, but bright pink and purple? She concedes and says one wall pink and one purple. Ok, options are getting better, but how do I make it work? Then an idea hits me, how about stripes or polka dots? Polka dots it is!!

Last weekend I started on painting and scraping ceilings. I knew the kids would be gone that weekend and thought I could have it done by the time they got home Sunday. Friday night I moved out furniture, scraped ceilings. Saturday after work I painted everything white, trim, door frames, walls and ceilings. Perfect, paint polka dots on Sunday and the room back together by the time the kids get home.

Well, the kids came home early on Sunday and I was not finished like I had hoped, but they got to help me paint. Ella actually helped me draw the dots on the wall and then we began painting. I outlined one dot and turned my back to outline one for Tanner. I got halfway through and Ella had taken it upon herself to finish painting the one I had outlined.

I left her dot that she painted by herself there. As a reminder of her helping me!!

Tanner painted about 4 dots and was through. Ella had to help me paint all the dots on the lower half of the walls. 4 hours after we started painting, we finally finished dots. I was very thankful that I didn't draw as many as Ella wanted. By 8 Sunday night, we had a new room with pink and purple polka dots.

Next task, blue and green striped walls in Tanner's room!!