Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ok, I have to brag on 5 amazing kids!! They did an amazing job tonight and it's wonderful to see what these kids are doing!

Let me back up some. Tonight, 5 kids from Mrs. Long's third grade class did a computer project about planets and were able to do a presentation for the school board tonight. There were four boys and a girl who were all very nervous but very well prepared to demonstrate their power point presentation about planets. The kids were given resources to find out 9 facts about their planet. Each one of the kids knew more about their planet than I could have ever known in my lifetime. I was amazed at the information they had and impressed with how they presented the information. I feel that my kids are very lucky to be in a school system where the administration is willing to help our kids. Our educators are willing to help our kids. And our kids are willing, ready and able to take on new tasks with a little guidance. My hat is off to you all who are preparing my kids with as much knowledge, guidance and support to be the best they can be.

(By the way~don't tell Tanner I was bragging tonight....he gets embarrased and told me earlier they were just doing their project and having fun.)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best Conversation

Last night after the kids and I said our prayers, well actually Tanner and I (Ella likes to pretend she can't!), we laid in bed and talked for a minute. I love laying in bed talking to the kids. You never know what really to expect from Ella and with Tanner, it is usually what ever is on his mind. For us, this is the best time to talk.
Tanner is ever so thoughtful and wants to know what to get everyone for Christmas. We have had this conversation before and he wants to buy something for everyone. Then he asks when my birthday is and what I want for my birthday. I tell him I just want him and his sister to make me a card and that is all I need. He says, "Oh come on mom, everyone wants to get a present for their birthday to unwrap." I told him that I unwrap the best present every morning when I wake him and his sister up to get ready for the day. He is very adamant that he and his sister get me something. I told him we would worry about that another day. Today is not that day. Then we start talking about how he has been good all year and Ella decides to chime in. She has finally figured it out that when she is good all year, Santa will come see her. He says that he has ideas for everyone that he has on his list. I said on your list? He said yea. Tanner started telling me what he is going to get for his dad, his sister, his friends, his teacher, his grandparents, his cousins, and even the cat!! He said, "You know mom, I really like giving gifts to people to see how happy they are!" Ella then told me she had a list and it sounded like everyone on her list was going to get some lick stick for Christmas!! Tanner also said that one day he will cook the meal at Christmas when his restaurant is big enough to hold everyone!! I'm wondering how big his restaurant will be and how many people he is inviting? Knowing him, he will feed the whole town and never bat an eye!!