Saturday, September 4, 2010

End of a crazy two weeks

This weekend marks the end of a crazy two weeks. School started for Tanner on the 23rd. I had to be in Panhandle for court that day. Then I had court and treatment placement to get done by the end of the week. All of that mixed in with back to school night for Tanner and Ella on the same night, getting back in to the routine of homework, supper, and bed times made for a tiring first week.

This past Monday was Ella's first day of Ms. Angie's. Oh how we have missed her, but sure do not like the attitude in the afternoons. That tied with allergies kicking Ella's tail have not made for a fun week.

So, how do we end a crazy two weeks? By having a little fun ourselves!

We hope everyone has a great school year! It may get a little crazy for the kids and I, but we will have fun doing it!!