Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year

Just about everyone I know has made or makes New Year's resolutions. I don't so much but feel like my New Year started earlier last year. As a matter of fact I consider my New Year and New Life started December 16, 2012. You see on December 16th I was baptized. I finally gave my life to God and asked him to be in control. I can honestly say, I don't know why I waited as long as I did to give my life to Him because it is the best thing and feeling in this world. It was also special for me because my kids have seen me struggle and they were there as were my parents. So to start my new life I felt it appropriate that it was just us. Since that night, the kids and I have made extra effort to sit down and eat at the dinner table every night as well as say a prayer before we eat. We have always said bedtime prayers but after we say them Tanner has asked if I would come to his room and say a prayer with just he and I. He has grown in his faith and so have I. At the dinner table we discuss how our day went and have talked about things that we need to work on. Or something that has happened during the day that is a something we can learn from. I'm trying really hard to show and be an example to my kids. I have noticed that I need to also explain or talk to the kids about stuff instead of just doing it. For the most part, I get tired of people talking the talk without walking the walk and I walk without talking and have realized my kids need to hear it from me besides see what I do. I know I am a work in progress and I know I will not be perfect. This has been the hardest thing for me, knowing I will fail. I think that is what kept me from giving my life to God. But I do have the hope of being forgiven and asking for forgiveness.