Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy Busy

Since I last posted a lot has been going on....

Tanner's room has stripes and is now put together

Tanner had a birthday party with his friends at Pizza Hut

He wanted a cookie cake for his birthday and asked if he could draw it himself

Ella started t-ball and has enjoyed batting...she would rather play in a dress and flip flops, and really doesn't like catching or throwing...

Then she had her recital at Ms. Kim's....She loves tumbling and actually has more grace and balance than her brother!

We cannot forget her star attraction!! She wants to do it and loves to talk about herself, but when she gets in front of her class, she doesn't say a word, she just gets embarrased.

Our family from Australia came in and we got to meet another cousin, Chloe. She and Ella are about 5 months apart. They are A LOT alike and even look alike too. She LOVES dress up and tea parties as much as Ella!

Easter was soon after they got here and Easter on my dad's side is big. Mostly because of so many people, but the food is always good and we ALWAYS eat WAY too much! I love though getting to spend time with them, talking and enjoying everything about family

Ella wanted to hunt eggs again after we got back home, so I hid them and Tanner decided he could do it one more time, after all, there was chocolate involved!!

Mother's Day Tea at Ms. Angie's is my most favorite by far. She makes some of the best cucumber sandwiches and cookies!

Then more family get together's....more laughing and sweet little kids faces...

Playday for the elementary...

And Ella's graduation from Ms. Angie's (this will not be her last)

Whew! All of this fun and going has us being lazy and wore out

We are ready for things to slow a bit and enjoy the sweeter things of life!! We wish everyone a safe and happy summer!