Monday, October 12, 2009


It seems like last week flew by. The kids have been busy. Tanner loves playing flag football, loves being the center, and is trying so hard to be the best he can! He is not only playing flag football, but has started practicing for UIL. He is hoping for two more first place wins like last year. Tanner made the story telling team and creative writing team. He has a great imagination and has such a great memory, I think he will do well.

Ella had a pretty busy week too. She was super excited to be able to ride the firetruck!! Well, that is until Fire Pup showed up. They were all sitting around and listening to the fire fighters tell them what to do and watching Ms. Angie demonstrate what to do. Then it was time to go get on the firetruck. Ella came running to me and would not let me put her down. She was not getting on that truck without me. That is ok and I gladly rode with her while she had a death grip on me.

Yesterday, we rested and carved pumpkins. I cut the top off of Ella's and gave her a spoon to dig the guts out. Yea, she stuck the spoon in and said "Mom I'm trying so hard, they just aren't coming out." I got Tanner's top off and was showing Ella what to do. She tries one time and says "It's disgusting" That was the last I saw of her until the pumpkins were finished. She decided gut digging was not fun! I remember it being fun, but what do I know. Tanner dug most of his guts out. He flung pumpkin seeds all over the kitchen and last night, I was still finding seeds!! This morning, Ella decided she wanted to carve the little pumpkins and she would dig the guts out!! Oh sweet girl!