Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Many Hats of....

Tanner!! He has now taken up a new interest. Tanner says that he is going to still keep his restaurant stand but he is going to take on a new venture as well. He is going to write a book and illustrate it and then get me to make copies for his book and sell it at his restaurant stand!!!

This all came about yesterday after school after he finished his homework. He made a book a few years ago about dinosaurs and now since he is older and wiser (his words) he is going to write a better book about dragons. He has started his research and is now beginning his writings. He drew the cover for his book at mom's after he finished his homework and when we got home, he started his writing. He finished page one and page two. Today he will start on page three and four. He told me that he can write a book better than others because he knows so much about dragons. Tanner likes doing so many things. He loves to cook, loves to draw and loves to write. His imagination is incredible. I hope that we give him enough encouragment to do what he wants to do. He still hasn't ruled out being an archeologist yet either!! Who knows what he will be, but I know he will be the best at what he does!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Breaking Out the Padlocks and Deadbolts

Ugh! What is a mother to do? I think I am about to go insane. My wonderful, lovely, beautiful daughter, has decided that when we get home in the afternoon that she must change clothes. Not only just the clothes, but panties too! (I guess though you never know when an emergency is going to happen and it is always best to have on clean undergarments?!) She not only changes clothes once, but three or four times, before bath time and then sometimes after she gets her jammies on, she will even change those!! She thinks it is so much fun to change clothes and put them on by herself. She loves being independent, but my laundry piles have doubled in size just because I don't know what is clean and what is dirty!! I don't know if she had that mismatched outfit on for two seconds or two hours and how many times she has been in and out of the house with that outfit on. I caught her just a few days ago, after she had put on another outfit, admiring herself in the mirror. She has a full length mirror in her room and is already making sure she looks good!! Oh boy am I in trouble!!

Ella is bright and very smart. She has figured out how to reach things that I have purposely placed out of her reach. I have all of her clothes hanging in her closet. Since she has decided to change clothes so often, she figured out that she can turn the laundry basket upside down and stand on top of it to reach whatever outfit she so desires. I am seriously considering putting all of her clothes in my closet just so she can't find them!! It's either do that, or put a deadbolt or padlock on her closet and chest of drawers!! So, if you see us out and she is mismatched or a shirt on wrong side out or pants on backwards, know that I lost that battle on what I originally put on her!!