Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pink Wallets and Dresses

After work, I went to pick up my sweet little girl. We get home and she is wanting to know where her daddy is. I tell her I don't know, but he would be home soon. Since yesterday was such a warm day, we decided we would wait outside until he gets home. As soon as he pulls around the corner, she asks her daddy to take her for a ride. He convinces her that we need to wait for her brother to get home and then we would go for a drive. Ella is all about going for a ride to see the ducks, the horses, the cats, the dogs, the goats, the donkey. It is amazing what animals we have in town, and my daughter knows where they all live!! Anyway, Tanner gets home and Ryan says, let's go to Wal-Mart. Tanner runs inside to get his wallet. Ella looks at me and asks "Where is my pink wallet?" Hmm, didn't know you were suppose to have one. So, at Wal-Mart we buy her one. She picks out the one she wants. She first picked out one with hearts, then one with cupcakes, then the heart one again only to wind up with a pink camo one. We then go to find Ryan another white shirt and Tanner is itching to spend his money. We go to the video games and he gets a new video game. He is quickly becoming the video gamer. (Scary thought for me!) We leave and head home for the night.

This morning, she woke very early, not to mention for about an hour last night. We were all ready except for Ella. Ryan and I put off getting her dressed for as long as possible. For one, she never wants to take her night dress off and put clothes on. For another, she never wants to wear what we pick out. If it is a dress, sometimes that is ok, but she would rather pick out her own dress. This morning was no different. Ryan goes in to change her clothes and her first words "No daddy, I don't want to take my dress off." He finally convinces her to take it off as he is pulling it off. As we are heading out the door, she has to take her pink wallet with her. In the car on the way over to Nesey and Pop's she asks where her money is and if I would give her some to put in her wallet. I gave her some change out of my car and she thanked me so much for her money. It was so sweet, because she was excited and had money in her wallet ready to take on the day!