Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday ELLA!!

My little girl turns 4 today!! My goodness how time has flown and what an experience and ride she has taken us on!!

My little girl has an opinion and mind of her own. I am not complaining because I love it and hope she continues to not be afraid of what she thinks and expressing her opinions. She is very vocal about what she wants and cries when she doesn't get her way. She can go from being extremely happy or excited to mad and feelings hurt in the drop of a hat. There are times when I am not used to her roller coaster of emotions and sit at a loss of what to do and worry that one day I REALLY won't know how to handle it all. She has a very sweet and loving side. She is a caretaker like her brother, but really doesn't want anyone to know. I love to listen to her sit and play with her dolls and tell them that she will love them and take care of them til the day she dies! She can also play with dinosaurs and dragons with her brother. However, she likes to be the princess in distress and have a prince come and resuce her from the mean dragons!!
She loves playing dress-up and changing clothes a 100 times a day! (if I would let her!) Ella loves putting on make-up, wearing jewelry, carrying purses and wearing hats and sunglasses when we go out.

She has been a blessing just like her brother. We wouldn't trade her and her sassy, frassiness for all the world! I love you Ella, Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Week

What a whirlwind of a week last week!! The kids,my mom and myself made an impromptu trip to the metroplex. I had found a few vehicles online in searching and went to go check them out. Came home with a new car for me! I'm excited and the kids were too. Actually I think they were more excited about the road trip than anything. We left Wednesday night and got 15 miles down the road when I heard, "I'm hungry, when are we stopping to eat?" Are you kidding me? We just left? I make it to Quanah and realized I didn't pack my pajamas! What? What in the world was I thinking? I got the kids, but not mine?! Ok, so it's obvious we are stopping to eat and find me some pj's. We stop at Braum's to eat and I let the kids drink chocolate milk shakes instead of cokes and then a scoop of ice cream comes with the combo meals, so the kids then each had ice cream. I didn't think that much about it til we are in Bowie and they have not calmed down yet! We finally made it to my aunt and uncle's in Irving and put 2 kids to bed. Up early the next morning to go look at cars! The kids loved test driving all the different cars, Ella would say "Look mom, my seat will fit in the back!" We took a break and went to eat at Cheddars when my son decides to try something. For what ever reason he decided to sip some tea through a straw put his finger on the end of it and then shoot the tea in the air thinking it would come down in his glass. Uh no, it landed on top of my head and the rest in my lap. I don't know who had a more shocked look on their face, Tanner or I. Tanner immediately starts apologizing and saying "Mom, I'm so sorry, I didn't know it would do that. I didn't mean to mom." Needless to say, his experiment didn't work and why he decided to try it in a restaurant of all places I don't know. I sopped up with tea and told him that the next time he gets an idea, to try it at home first. We continued shopping that day and the kids were awesome! They didn't fuss and fight and by the time it was over we were exhausted. We head back to Irving and I go back to the dealership the next morning by myself to pick up our new car. Finally get the vehicle picked up and head home, but not without incident. We get about 15 minutes from Bowie and the low tire pressure light comes on. Are you kidding me? Pull over and thank goodness we pulled over where we did because there was a Motorcycle machine shop on the side of the road. The guy comes out and says that we can try to put air in and see if it will stay up til I can get to the tire shop in Bowie. The tire wouldn't hold air so we had to change the tire. This nice man helped us get the tire changed. The crazy part, he knew some people from Childress. Anyway, we got the tire changed and the bad one loaded. He wouldn't accept any money from us and said that he was just doing what someone has done for him, just to do something nice for someone else. We stopped in Wichita to eat before coming on home. Made it home and started the weekend.

Saturday was busy but fun. I got up early and took my bad tire to get fixed and got breakfast for the kids. Made it back home to get the kids ready for the parade and lots of candy!! The rest of the day was spent doing what I should have been at home doing instead of car shopping! The kids got to play with some cousins and had fun doing that!

Sunday, we went to what I consider my home church. I know that sounds kind of crazy and weird. We went to Shamrock for church. They were celebrating 100 years. We went back and it felt like home. It's the first church I really remember going to and have always felt at home. The singing was beautiful and we got to hear the preacher that was there when we were. I wish I would have listened more or paid better attention to his sermons when I was smaller. He is a wonderful speaker and would love to hear him again. They even had some pictures up and I enjoyed looking at them. It was funny to go back because everyone recognized my parents and when they looked at Ella they knew who I was. They said that she looked like me when I was her age. So many people had changed and yet others hadn't. It felt really good to see everyone and to be there. I really need to go back more often. We even showed the kids where we lived and the school I went to and the hours that were spent at the softball field my dad help build and play on. It was a fun walk down memory lane with lots and lots of great memories!

So now, this week, I am getting everything together for our vacation next week!! The kids are counting the days down and we are super excited!! Water park, zoo, dinosaurs, aquariums, airplanes, etc, we are ready!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th!!

Hope all had a Happy 4th of July. The kids had a great time popping fireworks in between the showers of rain we had. There hasn't been much exciting or new going on with us. We are enjoying summer, saying prayers for future events to work out as planned and gearing up for a little time away.

The kids have enjoyed going to the library this summer. Tanner of course, is checking out every dinosaur and dragon book available. They each get three and he has yet to come home with the same dinosaur or dragon book. Ella, who knows what her fancy will be when we get there. She does love Dr. Seuss and winds up finding some we haven't read before.

Tanner is also trying to teach his sister science. I'm having a hard enough time trying to teach her numbers and letters, but who knows, maybe he can!! At least he is teaching her how to make things like volcanoes erupt and I really don't want to know what else!! I guess I will be finding more science stuff for Christmas!!

This weekend we were able to pop some fireworks at my grandmother's. She got such a big enjoyment out of watching the kids light their fireworks and run for cover. Ella isn't a big fan of ground blasters, but loves the spinning crystals. She is getting a little bit braver when it comes to them. I'm hoping I'm not turning her into a pyro!! Tanner just loves to light anything up. Give him a punk and something to light and he is happy. Wait, I think I may be worrying about the wrong one?!

The funniest so far has been the two of them fighting. Which gets old after a while. The other day, they eventually got mad at each other and put signs outside their bedroom doors. Instead of hanging them this is what I found...

Vacation is just a few short weeks away. I can't wait!! The kids are excited and Ella is already packing. She's my planner. She already has her snacks in the bag, her water and capri suns packed. She has a backpack full of toys and if I would let her, her clothes already in her suitcase! Tanner will wait til the last minute and wind up being upset that something was left behind.

We hope everyone is having a great summer!!