Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are you smarter than a 1st grader?

At our house, we play are you smarter than a 1st grader since Tanner just completed first grade. Thursday night last week, Ryan and I head to Rick and Denese's to pick him up. We get there and the first thing Tanner does is saddle up next to his dad asking if Ryan would like to play a Star Wars game on Nintendo DS. Tanner is still trying to sell Ryan on this idea. I'm listening and realizing that Tanner is doing exactly what his dad did in getting the PS3. Sell one of us(Ryan or I) on it and we will get it before much longer. It finally dawns on Ryan what Tanner is doing and he asks Tanner if there is a Godzilla video game he wants to play on it. Tanner's response "Well dad, I know how much you like Star Wars and we could share it." It then turns into an argument with Ryan starting it, telling him to get over Godzilla and that Godzilla is old news. Only it got turned around on him with "Dad, you need to get over Star Wars because you have been on it since you were a little boy."
Oh the joy I get to see him out witted by his 7 year-old son!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

True Mills' Fashion

In true Mills' fashion, even a serious, life threatening thing always has it's laughs!! Laugh is what we were trying to do that night, despite how scared we were. The night actually started off with Ryan making fun of The Weather Channel online-he kept going outside and coming back in wondering what the people were smoking since there was not a cloud in the sky!! Needless to say, one of his trips outside came with him running back in saying the siren is going off get your shoes and let's go. And we did. Tanner, who was panicking ran out without any shoes on! Get in the Mazda and head for Rick and Denese's. Get there and we are met at the door with Rick sitting in the chair watching tv and Denese frantic ready to go to the cellar. Off to the cellar we go. Tanner still has no shoes, Ella has a death grip on me and I have my purse which of course has Ryan's snuff and phone in it and a bag that has extra's for Ella!! As we are waiting out the storm, we realize the cellar is leaking. Before we know it we are standing in muddy water not only from the leak, but because we couldn't get the cellar door closed. Before much longer we are standing in muddy water that if freezing cold from the hail...all the while Tanner is complaining because his feet are wet. Hello!! Shoes!!! I told you to get them. Anyway, he wound up standing on my feet because the water kept getting deeper and deeper. Ryan kept trying to look to see if the storm had passed and everytime he did, a piece of hail would tattoo him right between the eyes. Priceless!! We probably would have been better off inside the house inside a closet somewhere since we all emerged from the cellar soaking wet. At the time, we were scared to death, but looking back, we laugh now.

So Grateful

We are so blessed to live in the community we live. Two years ago, when the tornado hit, everyone was out for a week helping one another clean up the damage. Even the night the tornado hit in 2006, people were seen out helping one another board up windows, pull trees out of drive-ways, off of cars just so those without electricity could get some place safe for the night. The same is true for this year. I have seen so many people out helping neighbors, friends, and people they don't know. It has been an awesome experience to see. It has made me realize even more now that this is where I want to be to raise my children. So they can have the opportunity to be involved in our wonderful community.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Another busy week down and the rest of summer to go!! I thought things were suppose to slow down for a little while? We survived last week with Greenbelt Bowl, baseball games, me going to and fro with my job and VBS. Thank goodness for my mother!! She has helped me out so much last week and I do not know what I would do without her! Moms rock!!

Ella has been doing great with her potty training. She has this thing now that she wants to sit on the big potty instead of her potty!! Thank goodness she is a girl, because if she were a boy, it would probably be everywhere!! She started doing a little dance when she gets off. It is too cute!!

Tanner was very busy last week and it showed big time Saturday night when it started raining. He went to VBS all week, which is great. He enjoyed it and told Pop (Ryan's dad) "Today is a glorious day" He's right. Everyday we wake up is a glorious day!! Anyway, he also had two games this week and now baseball is over. He is upset that he won't be playing anymore games, but is still going to work hard so he can be as good as his dad and Poppa (my dad).

Ryan and I are doing well. We were a little cranky this week, but we will survive. It's part of what we do!! Ryan kicked our tenant out of our other house on Saturday the 7th. So, if you know of anyone who needs a place to rent or wants to buy a house, let us know. As if I don't have anything else to do. I am going to have to repaint what we had to repair thanks to what our tenant has done. I do have to admit, Ryan tore into him, and I'm glad he did, because I don't know that I could have done that. OH, and if anyone has any rental property, do not rent to Charles Buckholtz, he will destroy your house!!

I hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful week!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chick flicks

I honestly can say that I love having a little girl. I hope that one day we will be able to go to the movies, get pedicures and manicures together and be able to do tons of mom and daughter stuff. Don't get me wrong. I love my son and enjoy getting out with him, playing ball and playing games (because right now I am smarter than he is and can still beat him!!) But the other day, Ella and I were sitting in the recliner watching one of my favorite movies of all time-Anastasia. I know it's animated, but it is still a movie that I can watch with my daughter and not catch any grief over. Anyway, one of my favorite parts is a song "At the Beginning". It is a song about a new journey with someone you love. I never knew that meaning fully until Ryan came along. And stumbling across that movie with my daughter in my lap just made me realize how much I really do love that song and that movie, but mostly how amazing my journey in life is with my wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I must be crazy

It seems like we are busier now that school is out. The last two weeks have been busy and probably aren't slowing down within the next week or two. The start of VBS and sports camp, not to mention ball games. Tanner has a ball game on Tuesday, and I have to admit, he has improved soooo much. His last ball game he did so well, but came home extremely disappointed. He got a couple of outs, stopped the ball, had some hits, but all he focused on were his outs!! He was so upset that he started crying because he felt he didn't play his best. Oh the frustration I know he feels!! I hate that for him. Ryan is trying to work with him on his catching and Pop is still working on his batting.

Well, we aren't getting rid of the pacifier yet. I had an incident happen the other day that totally grossed me out so now we are potty training. My sweet wonderful daughter and I had been sitting in the recliner, just relaxing and almost asleep. She gets up and I thought since she is going to play I will put a quick load in the washer. I did, came back, sat down and not 5 minutes later she walks up to me and says, "Mom, I poop!" I turn around and as I do I have a brown hand on my arm and the smell of poop hitting at the same time. I scoop her up and go to the bathroom to wash her hands, take her dress off and put her in the shower. Ugh!!! So, I think I will keep pacifier and start potty training!!