Monday, January 18, 2010

An Adventure

This is Ella's favorite saying when we are going to do something. "Are we going on an Adventure?" To which I always reply, "Of course!"

Our adventure yesterday was to Amarillo. Tanner was in BAD need of some new shoes. The ones I bought at the beginning of school were not only worn out, but too little as well as his church shoes. He also needed some new jeans and Ella of course had to have a new outfit as well. We set off to Amarillo. We get between Hedley and Lelia Lake and Ella loudly announces, "What is THAT smell?" I told her it was the feedlot and she asked if the cows were dead. I told her no and we get past it. We make it to Amarillo and eat at Chili's then head out to Shoe Carnival. We get out there and Ella wants to know again, "What's that smell?" I told her it was a feedlot again and she told me "Then where are the cows?" I tried to explain to her that she couldn't see them, just smell them. She said, "At least these aren't dead." We go into Shoe Carnival and the music is playing and they have mirrors. Tanner and I are looking at different shoes and trying to decide which ones to try on. Every time I turned around, my daughter was dancing and watching herself dance in the mirror. She had more fun just dancing around the store while Tanner was trying shoes on. Tanner was so excited when he found out he was wearing "Mens" shoes. Yes, he is not even 9 and is no longer wearing boys shoes!! :( In fact he was so proud, he had to call his dad and tell him that he could almost wear his shoes!

Next stop, Kohl's for Tanner's Levi's. We get jeans, try them on, they fit we keep them to buy. Ella, who loves mirrors and dancing, was dancing in the dressing room. She wanted to find her an outfit to buy so she could try them on in the dressing room. We find two outfits and we head to the dressing room where she dances in her new outfits watching herself in the mirror.

Last stop before our movie was Target. I cannot go to any big town and NOT visit Target. It's like a sin for me to go and NOT go to Target. I LOVE this store. As we are pulling up, Ella tells Tanner this is the store that has the big red balls out front. Tanner tells Ella that every Target has big red balls. They have to argue over whether every store has big red balls or not. We get out and her first words are "See Tanner, I told you THIS store has big red balls." We go inside and Ella knows where the good stuff is, so we head down those first few aisles. Tanner looks too and finds a little book that is titled "Spanish Conversational Speaking for Dummies" He brings it over to me and asks if he can get it. I laugh and tell him yes. As we are walking through Target, he is repeating the phrases that are in this book. I don't know whether he has retained any of it or not.

Movie time was "The Princess and the Frog." It was a great movie. Ella, Tanner and I laughed thru out this movie. There is a little old lady named Mama Odie, she was by far my favorite, but she reminded me so much of my great grandmother Granny Irene. Mama Odie is so full of life which in part reminds me so much Granny Irene. She is just such a fun lady! Ella watched every bit of this movie and had to call her dad and tell him all about it. I think this is a movie that we are going to have to buy, if not for her, for me!! ;)

Our adventure was complete and we headed home. It was a great day to be with the kids and laugh and have a good time.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year!!

What a way to start a new year than to be with your family and start it off right!! This past weekend we did just that. My sister, her husband and boys came and then we celebrated another Christmas with my dad's side of the family. All of the kids got to play with their new toys together and we laughed, mostly at my sister, but you know (just kidding). I enjoyed being able to spend time with my sister again and her husband and boys. My kids enjoyed it too. They LOVE playing with their cousins. Then we had the Moore Christmas. When we all get together, we always have so much food that even eating a small spoonful of everything will cause you to explode. One of my uncle's said that we don't do that often enough. I don't know if he meant that we don't get together often enough for the sake of getting together or for the wonderful food we always get to eat when everyone is together!! I'm assuming both!

I have decided also this year that 2010 will be a great year. Keep all of the negativity on the back burner. You don't realize until another year has gone and you get caught up in some things, what an impact it has on you. Seeing and being reminded of death through friends who have gone before me, makes me stop and realize all the bad things and negative things in this world are not worth all the time that we spend dwelling on it. We have one life to live, so why dwell and give Satan the benefit of ruining another day?

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year filled with many blessings, much love and beautiful hope for a better tomorrow.