Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm headed out on Wednesday for a mini-vacation. I'm so excited and ready. Today, as I am preparing things at my office and going through things, I find myself struggling with the issue of addiction. It is this crazy disease. And I don't even know that I would even classify it as a disease. Over the past 8+ years I have learned A LOT about addiction and yet there are times I still don't know nor understand what is going on. It's easy to point out the alcoholic, the meth head, the crack head. But what is not so easy is pointing out the alcoholic who seems to be a social drinker, or the person addicted to adderall, or hydrocodone or muscle relaxers. I find it so amazing that any of these people I mentioned whether it's the meth addict or the hydrocodone addict, deny to everyone they have a problem. I have always had a hard time understanding this concept. You see them stoned or high or drunk or stumbling. They can barely take care of themselves let alone anyone else. My weakness with them is the kids. I also don't understand how they think they are hiding it from them. The kids notice the mood swings, notice the highs and lows, and there is nothing they can do to defend themselves from the ones taking care of them. They love them and yet at the same time are scared of them and are always on guard because they do not know which person they will get. This I guess is the part that I struggle with. I see it everyday. I see it everywhere. The only thing I can offer some of these is a chance to breathe new life without addiction. Some I have tried to help. Some think there is still nothing wrong. Some thinking they are hiding it from others and in reality are not. I am hoping that with this little vacation I can come back refreshed and ready to begin another struggle with whoever says they don't have a problem.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Book Ideas

I need help. I'm trying to keep Tanner engaged in reading. He loves books and has loved them since he was very small. I'm worrying because he is getting burned out on reading books. It is a nightly battle to get him to read let alone for 20 minutes. It is so disheartening that a child who loves books doesn't care anymore. Back at Christmas time I found him a book that is called Kenny and the Dragon. He loved it and has read it so many times. I do know he likes Hank the Cowdog books, but has read just about every one. I plan on going out of town next week and while I'm gone, plan on getting him some books. I have one that I am looking for, but would love other ideas on books that may keep Tanner's interest and not give up on reading. If you have any ideas please let me know!!