Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I finally talked him into doing it, but I think I had a little help from Toby!!! Thanks Toby! Ryan is now blogging. He has had an account and loves to read everyone else's. So I told him it was only fair to post one too, so everyone else can read his take on our crazy life!! I may not like that in the not to distant future, but at least you will probably get a good laugh. GO check his out...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

And it's only Sunday

This seems like it has been a whirlwind of a weekend. I had to work on Friday and then finish up buying Tanner's school supplies, go to the grocery store and start laundry. I still wasn't feeling too good, but knew it had to get done. I get off work, head the my grandmother's to pick up the kids and then on to United and The Dollar Store to finish it off. Tanner and I got that part accomplished and then we went to buy groceries. We came home and I started laundry. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful.
Saturday started off pretty well. Ryan went with Toby and KP to see if they could find any trapped hogs. Came back that morning with a snake...the whole snake thing gives me the creeps, but at least we didn't keep it!!
Then came the annual try on everything in the closet to see what clothes we need before school starts. It took us about an hour and a half if not longer to go through all of Tanner's clothes. Not only because he has that many shirts, like Ryan, but because we can't try clothes on without both of them trying to get cheap shots in at each other. Ryan helps him pull his shirts off and on while punching him in the stomach or any other body part that he can happen to hit. Tanner also helps by getting in just as many cheap shots as possible, like a slap across the face with a shirt sleeve or as he is putting his arm through his shirt trying to punch his dad. Head butts are exchanged as well. Lovely, just lovely...makes me wonder how many children I have to raise. They have fun though.
About 3:30 we wound up in the er. I had had enough itching, that wasn't getting any better and my rash was spreading. We tried the clinic first, but they were closed so we headed to the er. Let me explain, I cleaned our rent house and wound up with ring worm. Then I had to go to the Dr. to get medicine to help clear it up. I had some ointment and oral medicine. Then I had to go back and get some prescription benadryl and Zyrtec for the itching. Only to go back and find out that I am possibly allergic to the oral ring worm medicine...thus the rash and itching. I have itched for four weeks with no relief it was only getting worse and Ryan had had enough. I told him I could wait until Sunday to go to the clinic, but I was so drugged up from the prescription benadryl and tired I wasn't arguing too much. I got to get a steroid shot and more prescriptions. And so far, I don't have near as many spots from the rash and I GOT TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT!!!! That is the highlight of my weekend. My itching MAY finally be going away!!
So, we decided last night to go to Wichita Falls and get Tanner some more pants, jeans and shoes. I can never predict his growth cycles, nor how much he will grow. But I can with Ella, I know it makes no sense. Hope everyone had a great weekend before school starts tomorrow.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Going green

I know everyone these days is thinking about the eco system and how to preserve what we have left. I agree, but hate giving up the cleaning stuff I use that I know works. The other day I was out of dishwasher soap so I go to Wal-Mart to buy it and the price on it has gone up again. (I'm also trying to spend less and save us some money!) Anyway, I found that Palmolive makes an Eco friendly dishwasher soap and it is less expensive than my good old soap that I have used for years. I thought, ok, give it a try and if it doesn't work, go back to what I know works. So far, it has done better than my other soap. I was so happy. Not only did I pick up dishwasher soap but just regular dish soap as well. And it is eco friendly as well...also by Palmolive...it's Pure and Clear and it does just a great as job as the dishwasher soap. I just wanted to put that out there in case anyone is thinking stuff like that doesn't work. I know I was skeptical, but I thought what the heck, it's cheaper and if it works, it works, if not I will go back to my other!! Anyway, hope everyone has a great day!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

13 thoughts

ok...you win...
*My house is a total wreck and I need to get it picked up
*Oh my gosh-today is Thursday and I still have another day to work
*Will I ever quit itching? (UGH!)
*I wonder what is under my ceiling tiles...will I be able to take them down?
*Will Ella ever quit asking for her pap?
*When am I going to get the house cleaned and laundry done?
*I need to go shopping
*I'm ready to feel normal again
*I have an awesome husband who thinks I am wonderful (even though I know I haven't been, he still tells me I am)
*I need to quit drinking so many vanilla dr. pepper's
*I don't want to go to court on Monday
*Happy Birthday Jennifer- we are thinking about you today
*I am happy for my wonderful family who is the best.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We are now playing Survivor at the Mills' household. Ella has lost her pap and it is no where to be found. Last night was her first night without it and considering all, went pretty well. She cried while going to sleep, "I want my pap, Daddy, go find my pap" "I want my pap" Finally, she gave up and went to sleep. Slept all night until 5 this morning when a clap of thunder woke her up. I knew I had to get up a few minutes after she woke up and just threw her in bed with Ryan and I. She never really went back to sleep and was in rare form this morning before I left. I don't know how my mom will fare today without pap and hope that today is not too bad for her sake. Say a prayer for us that all goes well and she doesn't find it today at my mom's(that is where she lost it). Hopefully, this is it, no more pap!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Talk

Every parents worst day is hearing the words, "The Talk." At the Mills' household today is no different than that day for some of us. Ryan, to be specific. Tonight as we are fixing our hamburgers, Ryan tells Tanner that he will help him another night get his shower ready just to make sure he knows what to do. I look at Ryan with a puzzled look and I said, "I thought he already did. He did that all by himself one night a few weeks back." Ryan's face had such disappointment. He realized as Tanner was fixing his plate, that his little boy is growing up. He is the one who normally fixes Tanner's plate for supper or helps get his shower ready and those two things, he was doing on his own tonight. As we finally sit down to eat, Tanner informs us that he is growing up and needs to take responsibilities. That it is part of growing up and that he doesn't need us as much anymore. Ryan walked back into the kitchen completely defeated, shoulders slumped and the realization that he is in fact growing up. Of course, there is humor in just about every situation-this is no different. Ryan trying to see just how far he would go, asked "Do you need to start shaving tonight?" Tanner said "Uh, I don't have anything to shave." It was the funniest thing, the tone of his voice was unbelievably funny. I had to walk out of the dining room.
Earlier tonight I had asked Tanner to take his shirts to his bed while I was putting away more laundry. Tanner without prompting goes to his closet and starts taking hangers out to hang his shirts on. Ryan and Ella come in from the volleyball game and without any prompt from me Tanner asks Ryan, "Dad do you hang your clothes up?" I had to turn around and walk out of the kitchen because I thought I was going to laugh. Ryan very confidently says "Yeah." (I'm rolling with laughter!) Ryan is still trying to keep a straight face and asks why. Tanner says I was just wondering. I guess he doesn't think his dad has many responsibilities.
God knew when he gave me Tanner, that I would need him. He is very patient, very kind and very loving. He can also be very straight forward and right to the point. He is wise beyond his years and my little boy is no longer so little. I guess too, that it is sad for me as well. I miss him curling in my lap and actually fitting. I take him for granted sometimes too. I try to slow down and take in all the moments I can with him. They have gone by so fast. I hope that what I do for him, gives him a strong foothold on the man he becomes. I just wish he would have told me that he doesn't need me as much 10 years from now, not right now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ok, I know you are going to probably get mad at me, but I am going to do it anyway. Happy Birthday Ryan!! I know I was groggy when I left this morning and not really with it, but I wanted to wish you a Happy 35th Birthday. I hope you have a great day!! I love you!!! Just be glad it was just one picture in the paper!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Idea

Everyone knows I am semi working on getting rid of Ella's pap(pacifier). I was kind of hoping it would fall in a river while we were fishing or accidently get left on the bumper. But then I thought, do I really want a 9 hour ride home without it? The other night, we stopped by some of our dear friend's house and she had a great idea. Ella was talking about the moon and that her pap was broken. Sharon came up with the great idea that the moon could fix her broken pap!! Ella was a little unsure, but if it fixed her pap, she was up for it. Only problem, they couldn't see the moon. So, we took the pap home that night and the next morning, Ella was talking about the man in the moon fixing her pap. Still on her mind. I told her that the man in the moon would have to keep it to fix it and she wouldn't be able to use it!! Yesterday afternoon, I had some things to take by to some people and Ella and Ryan wanted to go with me. After we made one stop, Ella says "Here mom, send pap now" It was a very pitiful voice being she was tired. I told her we would have to wait until tonight to send it when we saw the moon out. She was quite realived that we didn't send it right then. So, last night comes and she finds the moon while it is still light outside. She holds her hand up and says "Here moon, Here my pap" She stood for a minute waiting to see what would happen and when nothing happened she brought it to me. I told her I would take care of it and send it to the moon. We lasted about 30 minutes without it. She said she needed it back. I told her it would still be broken because the man in the moon didn't have enough time to fix it. She whined a little and said ok. She then looked at me and said "Tomorrow." Thank you Sharon for such a great idea! Hopefully, it will pan out and we will be free from pap soon!!

On another note, the car is here and Ryan is pumped. After we picked it up, we were going to go eat. Ryan says, I will follow you. Ok... Well, not ok. I was going the speed limit of 40 and had to keep slowing down until I was going 20. Ryan was playing with his new car and not even paying any attention to anything else. In Lubbock, we were creeping along at 20 mph!! I thought we were going to get ran over! Anyway, his new car is here and he is so excited.

Monday, August 4, 2008


There is nothing like walking in to your home and the smell of being there. That is unless you forgot to take the trash out before you left for a week. We didn't, but I have done it before. We survived the 10 hour trip home from Colorado and really it wasn't a bad trip.(Just a quick note...I need help on getting the pics to post the right way...I have tried and can't...so the pics are a little out of order. Sorry.)
The kids and I at the radio towers

Tanner and Ella waiting patiently!

We had an amazing trip....Ryan got to fly fish, I got to shop, Tanner got to do nothing and Ella got to be pampered. Ryan is now the proud owner of some waders, yes, he is all about fly fishing. Of course, after soaking everything he had on the first day, I decided that I would buy him some waders for Christmas. After the second day of fishing his dad decided they would buy him some for his birthday. After the third day of fishing, Nesey bought him some waders. He even has his own creel. Next on his to do list is a fly rod!! We will see what Santa brings!! Of course, there is also the golf clubs he wants Santa to bring as well!!

My favorite place to shop is Pagosa Springs. I don't know why I love that place so much, but I do. I find some of the most comfortable clothes there. Last year was my polka dot pj pants, this year some light weight cotton pants....awesome!! Not to mention the fudge that is to die for...they make it fresh everyday!!
Ryan fishing

Tanner fly fishing

If you look you can see Ryan's pants are wet, thus he needed some waders!!

Nothing like potty training with no potty around...had to bring our own!!

Tanner was able to learn how to fly fish this year. Hopefully, next year he will have his own rod and be able to do better. He is so excited that he will have his own rod. He wanted to go with his dad, but dad doesn't have patience, so he had to go with Nesey. I was impressed at how well he fishes!! He had to wade in the streams, even though his feet were bright red from the water being so cold. You know, it's a wonder he didn't get sick. He is such a great big brother. He tries to hold her hand and take care of her, even though she hits him and slugs him. Tanner played with her and even let her help him play games. He and his dad did well, no wrestling or fighting for a week!! Wonderful, quiet, peace. Then we head home and both start running their mouths. Can't wait to get home to beat each other up. The funniest thing happened on the way home. We ate breakfast at the Hungry Logger before heading out. Tanner ordered a pancake sandwich....it was two HUGE pancakes, with eggs and at least 4 slices of bacon. Tanner at all the eggs, all the bacon and half of the pancakes. We get to Walsenburg which is about two hours from South Fork and Tanner asks "What is for lunch?" Are you kidding me? You just ate two hours ago and you are wanting to know what is for lunch? Ryan says well what do you want? To which the reply, "I want some food yo!" Ugh!! Boys!!
Ella had so much attention while we were gone it wasn't even funny. Of course, she only wanted me, but everyone jumped for her when she said she wanted or needed something...including her dad. Being with her all day, I was able to catch some of the candid things she says and just laugh at her. She is so funny on the things she picks up on. Just like her trying to fish with her pap(pacifier). Everyone else was fishing and I guess she thought that pap would work!! Wednesday, we went fishing and Ella decided she wanted to pet a fish. I don't know why, but she did. Of course, we had to wait until one was caught. Ryan finally came back with two and Ella got to pet the fish. Tanner wanted to hold it, so then she did too. As soon as Ella had it in her hand, she dropped it and said "Nasty fish, Nasty. Yuck." Wednesday night we were walking to eat at a restaurant down the street from our cabin and I was holding her hand and walking. Her dad walks up beside her and asks if he can hold her hand. She says "My hand broke" and turns it upside down. I asked her why her hand was broke, She said, cause. Our trip home was just as entertaining, about the time we get to Walsenburg, Ella looks at me in the car and says, "Ok, I'm through. Ready to get down" She had already had enough of her car seat and I was thinking OH, the next 7 hours are not going to be good. But she surprised me and did extremely well. She did figure out that she could say that she needed to potty and get out of her car seat. The last time we pulled over for her, she never used the potty. We had her potty in the back of the car. So we pulled over, got the potty out, she was sitting on it just waving at the other cars as they drove by....just as proud as she could be!! "Nasty fish, nasty"

We had a great trip, glad to be in my BIG bed!!! I did get some scrapbooking done, so now I just need to finish last year's trip just to start on this one!!I hope everyone has a great week. We had a great trip and missed our friends. We are glad to be back...not necissarily for the heat, but just to be home!!