Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted....I try to do this so I can go back and look back on the past year and I realized wow, have I been that busy?! Unfortunately I guess I have.

School ended with Ella graduating Kindergarten and Tanner heading into 7th grade. He mulled over a lot of things, band or no band, football or no football. Finally he came to the conclusion to give band another try and to try football. We had many discussions about the pros and cons of each over dinner and I told him we would support what ever decision he made, just to understand that once you start, you finish.

Summer started and we had a few things planned. We went to see my sister and her boys. We always love going down there and love playing!
 We also were able to go to Castaway Cove for a day and always have fun just getting away! Unfortunately, this mom, didn't take her camera
Then in July I planned on us going to Disney World!! I don't know who was more excited, me or the kids?! I promised the kids we would go this year and my only regret is we didn't do it all. But we plan on going back. I have also decided, if it is a trip over 10 hours, we are flying.
Neither of my kids have flown and Tanner was supper worried about flying. Our flight was due to leave at 11 and we were told to get to the airport 2 hours before our flight left. We got up, loaded the car and headed to the airport early.

Can you tell he was nervous???

After we got there, he decided flying wasn't so bad after all!!

Our first day was Universal Studios and Ella's makeover!! There will never be any words to describe how amazing it was and how much fun we had! Ella even talked her brother into riding the Tower of Terror. I had to bribe him with ice cream after and he finally consented. The funniest thing was Ella was the one screaming and Tanner was the one laughing?!

Our second day was the Animal Kingdom. It was awesome! We love zoos and animals and so this was the perfect fit for Tanner. Ella wasn't thrilled but soon came around (after I let her get her face painted!)

And of course!! What is any of our vacations without dinosaurs?! The past several years dinosaurs just happen to be where ever we go!!
This time Tanner talked Ella into the dinosaur ride and guess who didn't like the ride?! Yep, Ella HATED the ride. She kept her head down most of the time begging me to get her off saying "I don't want to be here now." Well sister, now is not the time to tell me you don't like it! ha!!

Our last day was the Magic Kingdom!! And what is a trip to Disney World without seeing Mickey?? Ella was in EVERY picture with Mickey. NEVER said a word to him just a hug and HAD to be in all the pictures we took with Mickey!

 My favorite movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast and Ella told me to go stand in front of Gaston's Tavern so she could take a picture of me. So of course I obliged!!

 We WILL be going back!!

Then summer quickly came to an end. The kids started school, (which this mom was not ready for) and off to the races. Tanner is doing Jr High football and manager again for the Bobcats. Ella is in 1st grade and doing gymnastics again.

And yes, Tanner is taller than I am!! :( (again, I was not ready for that nor anything else he has came in telling me about girls and homecoming and parties.) My "little" boy is growing up. I couldn't be any prouder of who he is becoming and to see him grow into who I hope he has the potential of becoming!

And Miss Ella is growing too!!  She is still opinionated, sassy, stubborn and out going. She and I butt heads A LOT but I am just as proud of her for sticking by what she thinks and believes in.

We wish every one a safe and happy school year!!


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